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Baylys Baits Membership

Baylys Baits Membership

At Baylys Baits our Mission statement is “Produce top-quality Carp Baits at affordable prices for everyone”. Probably the most important lesson we have learned and not forgotten is that not every angler has the time or experience to target the specimen Carp but, every Carp Angler wants to catch Carp, whether that is a 2lb Common Carp or your lakes biggest 30lb Mirror Carp.

We have always tried to give you the very best in quality and price so, we have looked very carefully at what is being offered and what we can do for our customers to match the feedback given to us.

It seems that every company is offering subscriptions, memberships and deals to be able to give the best possible price or service to their regular customers, supermarkets, restaurants, fishing tackle companies, and even credit card companies.

Baylys Baits is no different, we have looked at the multitude of deals and subscriptions online and have cut the cost of our products with this membership plan to give our customers a massive discount to reduce your bait cost – Well here’s the big one from Baylys Baits.

Baylys Baits Membership Plan

Plan Details

How It works

Yes, our very own Membership Plan, a kilo bag of premium boilies wherever you buy them from either, retail, online or from your local venue, that’s if they have a tackle shop on site, will normally cost you around £10 to £12 but, by subscribing to our new Membership Plan you can purchase all of your premium boilies at just £5.95 per kilo.

How do you get to be a part of this amazing Membership Plan?

Well, first you need to have a registered Baylys Baits account with an email address and password.

Then purchase the Membership Plan from our shop and you’ll be ready to go, obviously, you can just purchase the plan and follow the instruction to set a password to be able to log in to your account**.

Once you’ve logged into your new account your Membership Plan prices will be available to you.

Register for an account (A verification link will be sent to set your account password) – Register

Login to your pre-existing account here – Login

*All boilies in our range sold at £5.95 per kilo excluding Particle Baits, Bundle Deals and Swag.

**Please allow up to 48 hours for our system and admins to catch up with your new membership details, it should be almost immediately available but, due to the numbers expected it may take a little longer.

Boilie example purchase pre and post Membership Plan – Pre-Membership, 5kg of boilies £48.95, with Membership Plan, 5kg of boilies £29.75, that’s almost 50% off!

10kg of boilies £91.99 Pre-Membership, with Membership discount £59.50, so where you use to buy 5kg for nearly £50 you can now buy 10kg for approximately £9 more.

Due to generous discounts available under the terms of this membership deal, there are limited numbers of membership plans available on a first come first serve basis.

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