Baylys Baits Hemp


Hemp Particles, freshly prepared Hemp Seed prepared and cooked as required, we then ship our freshly prepared particle baits the same day – Minimum 10Kg per order for each particle product.


Baylys Baits Hemp Particles – Freshly prepared 100% Hemp Seed

Baylys Baits Hemp Particles is a small black seed that is boiled and used as a particle bait. Hemp can be used in many different ways, as a feeder to keep the carp in your swim, used as an attractant if mixed with other baits or as part of a method feeder mix. As a particle, it is used as a particle on its own or mixed with Maize corn, or other particles.

Baylys Baits prepare and cook their particle baits as required, we then ship our freshly prepared particle baits on the same day, that way you can be assured of the freshest particle baits when they arrive on your doorstep. Once the particle bait has been delivered and weather dependant, you will have 4 to 8 days to use your chosen particle bait. Freeze your bait as soon as it has been delivered to keep it fresh for up to 12 months or submerge the 10KG in water to help keep your bait for a little longer - Vouchers are not valid on our particle products.

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