Baylys Premium Carp Bait

We steam our bait to make it upto 80% more effective

Its been proven time and time again that steaming boilie is better than boiling tham and can lock in upto 80% more nutritional value and flavour and goodness. If you have ever made your own bait and have boiled it you will already know that the water takes on the colour of your bait well that is all them expensive ingredients and hydro's that you put in your bait now in the water with steaming this doesn't take place and all the hydro's and expensive ingredients are locked in.

The coating on our boilie

Nutri-Dust is something we have been working on behind the scenes for 2 years now and we have finally perfected it and launched it in the spring of 2023 we now use it to coat all of our boilie it consist of over 25 micro nutrients, amino acids and attractants.

About The People Behind Baylys

Here at Baylys Baits we are a family run business that has a passion for carp fishing and everything that entails.

Our owner Martin Bayly started fishing over 25 years ago in the pursuit of some of the most elusive carp in the country, He started making his own bait around 15 years ago to aid in his mission.

Fast forward to 2020 when covid hit martin lost his job as did many others across the UK, In a hair brained sachem Martin decided to take the plunge into the carp bait industry with his 15 years of experience and wisdom of making high nutritional value bait he concocted and armed Baylys with 4 perfectly balanced recipes and from that moment on Baylys Baits Limited was born.

With the business growing he also knew he wasn't able to run Baylys on his own so started to look for help and that call was answered by three outstanding individuals James Glover (General manager) Curt Adams (Media manager) Jamie Bowers (Media manager) and with their help Baylys has become the trusted brand it is today.