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Baylys Baits, a growing carp bait company.

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Baylys Boilies

Classic flavour with our own twist to this one, needs no introduction as one of the most consistent flavour labels out there on the market today.

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Baylys Glugs

Our Glugs range is exactly that not only is it a glug but, also a liquid food & Lysine Amino Acid so saving you money at the same time.

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Baylys Hook Baits

Classic flavour combination kept hush hush until now, one of those you keep guessing for an age as to what it is. Notes of Sour Cream and a slight Fruit & Malt.

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Baylys Baits Cray Z Krill Carp Boilies

Cray Z Krill

Baylys Baits Pineapple Express Carp Boilies

Pineapple Express

Baylys Baits Secret Sauce Carp Boilies

Secret Sauce

Baylys Baits Pop Ups and Wafters - Match the Hatch AKA Standard

Hook Baits, Wafters and Pop Ups, Plus Our Illuminati Range.

Baylys Baits Glug+

Boilie Additives – Stimulator – Attractors for Carp Baits.

Baylys Baits Bundle Deals

Bundle Deals, the Larger the Bundle the Larger the Saving.

Thor’s Hammer Feed Stimulator

Thor’s Hammer Feed Stimulator a hard-hitting bait spray.

Baylys Baits Carp

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Carp Boilies, Hook Baits and Merchandise

We are an up and coming bait company we have a good range of carp products. After many years of carp fishing all over Europe and the UK, and with the help of my wife we have set up a carp bait company which is bringing you a fantastic range of products on our website shop.

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Carp Boilies and Hook Baits.


Carp Popups and Wafters.


Carp Glug Plus


Carp Merchandise, Mugs and Hoodies

“Amazing service & product
Fast dispatch and delivery. Excellently packaged. Contents well protected. Good packaging and durability of packets. Product looks and smells amazing.”

— Darren Bodkin

Carp Angler