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Pineapple Express Boilie

Pineapple Express Boilie

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Introducing the Pineapple Express Boilies.


Introducing the almighty Pineapple Express bait range that delivers impressive results at the lake time and time again! Prepare to be swept away by its intense, sweet, and juicy pineapple aroma that will entice fish from all corners of the water.


We've concocted this flavour on a birdseed and hemp base, ensuring a nutritious and irresistible bait that fish simply can't resist. High in carbs and milk protein, it provides the perfect balance of nutrients that fish crave year-round. This means you can rely on Pineapple Express to attract fish in any season, making it an essential part of your fishing arsenal.


When you're out on the water, you want bait that works like a charm, right? Well, Pineapple Express is a true game-changer. Its vibrant pineapple aroma fills the air, acting as a beacon to fish, drawing them in for a taste they can't resist.


And here's the best part: Pineapple Express is a bait you never want to

leave home without. It is your secret weapon. The Pineapple Express range of baits has been crafted to appeal to the natural instincts of fish and provide them with a mouthwatering treat they can't resist.



Don't miss out on the Pineapple Express experience. It's so effective that it almost feels like cheating!

Stock up on Pineapple Express bait and get ready to reel in those trophy catches year-round.


Trust us, this is one bait you won't want to leave behind!


Our Boilies have up to 80% more nutritional value

The Pineapple Express Boilies are made using a unique steaming process that locks in up to 80% more nutrients for the fish than mass produced boiled boilies that lose their goodness.


Additional nutrients are added to our Boilies

In addition to being steamed each boilie is covered in our high performing nutri-dust, making it even more irresistible to the fish.  Our nutri-dust has been developed for over two years and after lots of trial and error we have now perfected it and we have been amazed by the results. 

The Nutri-dust dissipates in the water attracting fish from all over the lake, increasing the likelihood that you will land a monster of a carp!


High Quality Natural Ingredients

We only use high quality ingredients for our Boilies.  The Pineapple Express Boilie range includes a very fruity flavour profile.  Giving it a pungent aroma designed to keep the carp coming back time and time again.

Unlike other boilies that use egg powder, these boilies are made with real whole eggs, this further increases the nutritional value.  And when we say the whole egg, we mean the whole egg including the shells. This gives the boilies a satisfying crunch that carp love, making them more likely to take the bait and giving you a better chance of landing that elusive monster.


All Year round performance

Not only are these boilies packed with nutrition and flavour, but they are also incredibly versatile. Whether you're fishing in the heat of summer or the depths of winter, the Pineapple Express Boilies are guaranteed to perform. They are perfect for short fishing session through to long multi-day fishing trips as they can be used in a variety of water conditions.


So why choose Baylys Baits Pineapple Express Boilies? The advantages are clear. These boilies are made with the highest quality ingredients, steamed to perfection, and designed to catch the biggest carp in any season. With their irresistible crunch and nutrient-rich composition, the Pineapple Express Boilies are the ultimate carp bait designed to give you bragging rights at any lake.


Don't settle for anything less - try them out for yourself and experience the benefits first-hand!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Gary Biles

Pineapple Express Boilie


Smells carpy great buy

Tommy Jacks
Pineapple Express

Absolutely bullet proof boilie . Caught a lonely carp on one last night and can’t recommend them enough , especially with the dusty coating on the outside of them . Don’t miss out



Jason Illingworth
Pineapple express

Seems a good bait used it for the first time last night . Queue night on the lake no fish landed but at least I had a dropped run makes me optimistic . Will update thanks for the great service and delivery . The chat system to find things out seems very good . Only good reports for Baylys baits from myself so far .