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Baylys Baits

Apex Venom Wafters

Apex Venom Wafters

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Venom Hook Baits, are  pre glugged with our venom glug+ and will produce a nice stream of visual attraction.

Introducing the Apex Hook Baits.


As the name suggests these Hook baits provide the pinnacle of performance for Carp bait!  

Apex Hook Baits are the ultimate carp bait from Baylys Baits that will take your carp fishing game to the next level! These Hook Baits are specially crafted to catch much bigger carp all year round.  The results some of our Anglers are reporting back to us are just blowing our minds.

If you're serious about catching big carp, then you need the right bait.  Carp require a diet that is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and they are more likely to be caught by baits that offer them the nutrition they need. That's why we offer a range of high-quality carp baits that are designed to provide the nutrition that big carp crave.


Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, our range of baits will help you catch the biggest fish in the lake.


Our Hook Baits have up to 80% more nutritional value

The Apex Hook Baits are made using a unique steaming process that locks in up to 80% more nutrients for the fish than mass produced boiled Hook Baits that lose their goodness.


High Quality Natural Ingredients

We only use high quality ingredients for our Hook Baits.  The Apex Hook Bait range includes spicy liver, sausage and garlic.  Giving it a pungent aroma designed to keep the carp coming back time and time again.

Unlike other Hook Baits that use egg powder, these boilies are made with real whole eggs, this further increases the nutritional value.


All Year round performance

Not only are these Hook Baits packed with nutrition and flavour, but they are also incredibly versatile. Whether you're fishing in the heat of summer or the depths of winter, the Apex Hook Baits are guaranteed to perform. They are perfect for short fishing session through to long multi-day fishing trips as they can be used in a variety of water conditions.


So why choose Baylys Baits Apex Hook Baits? The advantages are clear. These Hook Baits are made with the highest quality ingredients, steamed to perfection, and designed to catch the biggest carp in any season. With their nutrient-rich composition, the Apex Hook Baits are the ultimate carp bait designed to give you bragging rights at any lake.


Don't settle for anything less - try them out for yourself and experience the benefits first-hand!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Karen Loughborough

Fantastic Bait a real game changer

Paul Charles
Apex Venom

Very impressive bait so far seems to generate bites better than other baits.
Happy with Baylys and continuing to use.

Scott Burton
Apex venom

Too early to judge yet only 1 session with them and blanked but fish are also spawning , very impressed with the leakage though

Stephen Davey
Apex venom wafters

Can’t recommend these enough, the just do the job.

dean goltenboth
Apex wafters

Great product used apex venom wafter as hookbait with a sprinkling of apex boilies and pellets on a 48 hour session caught 4 carp between 22-31lb and a 50lb catfish smell good enough to eat youself