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Secret Sauce Boilie

Secret Sauce Boilie

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Introducing the Secret Sauce Boilies.


Get ready to uncover the secret behind the legendary Secret Sauce fishing bait.  The Secret Sauce range is so good you'll want to keep it to yourself. 



The secret lies in our carefully crafted fish meal base, featuring a combination of top-notch ingredients like LT94, salmon, krill, and sardine fish meal.  It's like an all-star lineup of irresistible flavours that fish find simply irresistible.  On top of this unique mixture, we've added a touch of the original CLO and crushed hempseed, taking the flavour profile to a whole new level.


Now, here's where things get really interesting.  Picture a tropical paradise, and imagine infusing that vibe into your bait.  That's right, Secret Sauce comes with a delightful twist of tropical fruits, creating a flavour that attracts fish from all over the lake.


It's like a secret handshake between your bait and the fish, sparking their curiosity and luring them in for a taste they won't forget.


The results are mind-blowing.  Anglers who have experienced the power of Secret Sauce can swear by it, with many reporting personal bests and finally bagging the elusive monster at the lake.   If you are going to the lake for some peace and quiet, then Secret Sauce bait isn't for you.  But if you are looking to bag some monster fish and earn serious bragging rights, look no further.


The combination of premium fish meal ingredients, the original CLO, crushed hempseed, and that irresistible tropical fruit twist all work together in harmony to attract fish like never before.



Secret Sauce is the answer if you're ready to level up your fishing game.  Unleash it on the unsuspecting carp at the lake and get ready to witness the astonishing results for yourself.


Don't miss out on the magic—get your hands on Secret Sauce and let the adventure begin!


Our Boilies have up to 80% more nutritional value

The Secret Sauce Boilies are made using a unique steaming process that locks in up to 80% more nutrients for the fish than mass produced boiled boilies that lose their goodness.


Additional nutrients are added to our Boilies

In addition to being steamed each boilie is covered in our high performing nutri-dust, making it even more irresistible to the fish.  Our nutri-dust has been developed for over two years and after lots of trial and error we have now perfected it and we have been amazed by the results. 

The Nutri-dust dissipates in the water attracting fish from all over the lake, increasing the likelihood that you will land a monster of a carp!


High Quality Natural Ingredients

We only use high quality ingredients for our Boilies.  The Secret Sauce Boilie range includes a fishmeal flavour profile with a fruit twist.  Giving it a pungent aroma designed to keep the carp coming back time and time again.

Unlike other boilies that use egg powder, these boilies are made with real whole eggs, this further increases the nutritional value.  And when we say the whole egg, we mean the whole egg including the shells. This gives the boilies a satisfying crunch that carp love, making them more likely to take the bait and giving you a better chance of landing that elusive monster.


All Year round performance

Not only are these boilies packed with nutrition and flavour, but they are also incredibly versatile. Whether you're fishing in the heat of summer or the depths of winter, the Secret Sauce Boilies are guaranteed to perform. They are perfect for short fishing session through to long multi-day fishing trips as they can be used in a variety of water conditions.


So why choose Baylys Baits Secret Sauce Boilies? The advantages are clear. These boilies are made with the highest quality ingredients, steamed to perfection, and designed to catch the biggest carp in any season. With their irresistible crunch and nutrient-rich composition, the Secret Sauce Boilies are the ultimate carp bait designed to give you bragging rights at any lake.


Don't settle for anything less - try them out for yourself and experience the benefits first-hand!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Paul Taylor

1st class

Paul Taylor

First class

Gary Biles
good bait

Have caught good fish on both the 15mm boilies and 11mm wafters. Good service, many thanks.

KEVIN mccluskey

I’ve only used them once I’m using them again next week as I hope Bait has time and see how they go. Last time. I only use them as Bait from the boat.

Brett Kemp
Top baits

Best bait I seen for a while first time using it and has fish biting the whole session